Ġorġ Mallia

Author, cartoonist, and instructional technologist


A selection of cartoons published over the last few years on social networking sites.


These are a few random cartoons published over the last few years. Some of these appeared in The Accountant magazine, and a few others in Industry Today. The first few are recent ones from The Economic Update, some of which were commissioned covers. Others appeared in sporadic publications.























These are illustrative cartoons I did for the Maltese eGOVERNMENT campaign. The characters are mine, but the text was usually given to me (and I just modified). Each of these was dressed up in an advert and appeared in all the Maltese national papers, and one even as a billboard.) All of these cartoons are copyright of the Ministry for Investment, Industry & Information Technology.









Claiming for Children's allowance online


Ġorġ Mallia 2016