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This booklet of experimental, stream of consciousness short stories was self-published in 1985.

I claim no literary worth for them, but they do seem to have caught the eye of some of Malta's best literary critics and academics, and have been analysed for the use of descriptive language. One of the stories, "Hajtu: Storja ta' l-Imhabba" ("His life: A love story") was also reproduced in the definitive three volume collection of Maltese short stories edited by Dr. Charles Briffa and published by Agius and Agius Ltd. In his study of the Maltese short story in
In-Novella Maltija, PIN, 1999), Dr. Briffa calls each of these stories a "psychological painting".

The last story in the book translated into English can be found

The book closes with a few words from me. This is their translation::

These short stories could easily be called poems, or essays... because how can one distinguish one form from the other, when the artististic inspiration is the same? It's even a pity that this book is too small to include more than two illustrations with it, and a cover - because I believe in the universal totality of the artistic pull, even if by necessity, the medium needs to be different.

The writings here are a selection of what I wrote between 1976 and 1983 - in other words from when I was eighteen (stunned by the introduction at university of Joyce, Woolfe, Lawrence...) until I was twenty five (and the
auctorite and the experience
had got mixed in such a way that it was difficult for me to choose one from the other).

The continuous preoccupation in these writings is with the hair that separates illusion from reality. They are the poetic and impressionistic interpretation (and I was very style-conscious as I wrote them) of the psyche of an individual who is a composite character and who goes through experiences of the type that many people go through. There is a bit of me in this individual, but only a little bit - the rest of the character is made up of the psychological building blocks of people I know, that I have loved or hated, of people I have read about, or that I have experienced inside me from afar or close by.

And now I have shared these writings with you so that you too can live them. I hope it has been a stimulating experience.

June, 1985


One of the two black and white line illustrations in the book:



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