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This book (Three Children Look Towards the Sky) was another of my collaborations with Guzi Mallia (no relation), with whom I had done the Hrejjef tas-Sharijiet (Enchanted Tales) series.

Guzi was pre-eminently a translator, and this too was a translation from the book about the three children of Fatima by Paolo Liggeri.

The book had a full colour cover (which I did in pen and colour inks, with the background gradient airbrushed with pre-mixed Badger acrylics), and fourteen two-colour hand-separated illustrations inside.

I also made a collage of the illustrations in line to be printed in light blue on the inside covers and title page.

The book was published by David Bugelli in 1992 and was oversized at 275 by 195 mm.

I also produced the book, putting text on two columns for easier reading, given its size.


Two of the two-colour illustrations in the book:




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