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Ensconsed in the hard back cover designed by Trevor Zahra and myself, and illustrated brilliantly by one of Malta's top nature illustrators, Andrew Micallef, is a collection of Maltese traditional tales, retold by Trevor himself, and produced by me.

It was Trevor's idea to bring together Malta's top children's books illustrators in one oversized, lavishly produced book. And Arthur Gruppetta of Merlin Library, one of Malta's best known publishing houses for children's books, decided to foot the extensive bill.

The artists invited to contribute were a who's who of illustrators: George Apap, Marisa Attard, Trevor Zahra, Frank Schembri, Norman C. Borg, Victor Pulis, Joseph Mallia (the dean of Maltese book illustrators), Andrew Micallef and (well?) myself.

Each went the extra mile, and the result was (if I may say so) brilliant.

Taht Sema Kwiekeb (Under a Sky of Stars
), was published in 1997. It won the 1998 Maltese Literary Prize for best production.



Some of Gorg Mallia's pen, coloured ink and watercolour illustrations to be found in the book:



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