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I was just at the end of my sixth form second year when I came up with the idea for DWAL (Lights).

At the Upper Secondary School (where sixth form was) I had had a modicum of success with a Maltese Language Society I had started there, and we published a stenciled leaflet called "Mill-Mixtla tal-Letteratura" ("From the Literary Plant Nursery" ... youth brings with it bombastic titles!), of which we then went on to publish a fully printed edition ... in those days, I must add, it was in BADLY printed letterpress.

came out of that. I was eighteen (or thereabouts) and all set to conquer the literary world. I went round the most well-known authors of the time and asked them for original works, and printed them along with works by less known authors (including yours truly). Professor Guze Aquilina (then Chair of Maltese at the University of Malta) wrote an introduction.

And I published it all out of pocket.

Then bosom buddies Gorg Cilia and Andrew Brincat assisted me in Editorial chores, and well known writer Guze' Cardona (lost to us for many years) and Alfred Degabriele, who were teachers of Maltese at the sixth form, helped us by reading the proofs.

All of this happened in 1977. A LONG time ago...


A reproduction of the contents page of the anthology, and of the introduction by Professor Guz Aquilina:



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