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Trevor Zahra (1947 -  ) is Malta's foremost writer and illustrator of children's books. He basically made them what they are today.

Apart from being one of my best friends, I also admire Trevor's work greatly, and have had the opportunity to review quite a large number of his massive arsenal of books.

In 1992, PIN published this heavily illustrated, 169 page critical study of the author/illustrator. Dr. Charles Briffa did half of it ... the bit relating to Trevor's writings, and I did the second half (a shorter "half", actually) about his illustrations.

This is how I end my section of the book:

"(Trevor Zahra) is a prolific man, full of ideas, never tiring of experimentation, never letting ideas remain just that, but transforming them into new projects that are often an exciting addition to the limited field of children's books in this country of ours. A field he himself helped start, and, with his untiring effort also in the field of illustration, continues to be a prime mover in it constant aspirations towards excellence."

Charles Briffa and myself later on (in May of 1994, to be exact) collaborated with Mario Cassar to produce a 32-page booklet of critical writing called "Fil-Qalba tat-Trongiet" ("In the heart of the citrus fruits"), distributed during the launch of Trevor Zahra's masterpiece
Is-Seba' Trongiet Mewwija
(The Seven Enchanted Citrus Fruits).



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