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A book that has always held an actual as well as symbolic interest for me is J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan - which was really the novel based on his own play.

The very concept of a boy who never grows up, living in a neverland of playacting, but which is nonetheless incredibly dangerous, fascinated me. To the point that I named my first collection of adult short stories
From NeverNeverLand

I decided to translate the book in the early 1990's, and was faced with the challenge of keeping intact in Maltese the nuance in Victorian English, without seeming bombastic or swerving too drastically from normal Maltese. I wrote a bit of the trials and tribulations of translating such a book in the critical foreward to the book itself.

Illustrating the book was also a challenge, given that greats like Michael Foreman, Arthur Rackham (GOSH!) and Mabel Lucie Attwel had done it before me.

The book was published by PIN in 1993.


Three of the black and white line illustrations in the translated book:



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